Hello. I hope you’ve had a great week. This past week has been filled with learning, coding, (it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway) debugging, and work. I have finished the “final” release of the Android version of Tennis Match and have made a bit of progress on the alpha iOS version. I’ve also learned a bit about how solar panels and inverters work and the process of applying for the initial solar approval from HECO. I’ve also discovered far more jack in box bugs than I had expected, but then again that can usually kind of be expected.

Some of the things I’ve learned this past week are:

  • Creating the same app on a different platform is not going to be much faster (for me at least) especially if you’re relearning Swift as you go
  • Android is better than iOS (yes I said it and meant it)
  • Panel and inverter spec sheets aren’t as daunting as they sound
  • StackOverflow is a great place to look for developer positions (link is to my developer story on SO)
  • Pluralsight is a neat website to test your technology IQ in various areas ranging from Java to Project Management

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a great week!


Mulan Lau


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