Hello. I hope you have had a great week. Christmas is fast approaching, and the weather is even cold at times! Have you done any Christmas shopping? I haven’t. I have taken my car in to get the oil changed though. I also bested my sister and our friend in a several hours-long game of Monopoly and enjoyed a lovely, relaxing road trip with those two as well, though on different days as each event took around 4 hours. One fun, in retrospect, event that took place this past week was an extremely odd error I encountered with the generated Gradle file for an empty Kotlin project. The error occurred on my friend’s, whom I was teaching basic Kotlin to, computer. The build.gradle file was written differently from the typical Gradle file even though we had the same version of Android Studio and Kotlin was indeed installed on his computer. After several hours of fruitless troubleshooting, I just sent him my Gradle file containing the usual (completely unaltered) code and he copied it to his Gradle file and everything worked as it should. Ah, the delightful agonies of coding.

Some of the things I’ve learned this past week are:

  • If you warn someone about something not working when they’re learning code, the programming gods of the universe like to turn that warning into a prophecy and make it come true
  • I am the reigning, defending, undisputed Monopoly champion
  • The best version of Baby It’s Cold Outside is the one by Dean Martin
  • Dropbox does NOT have tech support. They have a sales team and an FAQs and tips page (which is why I use OneDrive)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week!


Mulan Lau


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