The end of the year holiday season is the season of giving. It’s also one of those times of the year where you take some time to reflect on all the things and people you have to be grateful for. 2020 especially is a year to remember all of the things you can be grateful for from the roof over your head to the computer on your desk to the delicious Christmas dinner you’ll be eating. In the spirit of gratitude, I decided to write some holiday-themed appreciation letters to some of the people who have positively influenced my life. I love pretty things, so I didn’t want to write these letters on plain paper. Instead, I spent a little bit of time making my own simple stationery. Feel free to use the stationery for your own letters. The design is intended to be printed double-sided allowing for maximum holiday prettiness.

If you decide to use the stationery, or if you decide to write your letters on something else, let me know some of the things you’re grateful for this year!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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