Hello. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. January is quickly coming to an end and it feels like only yesterday it was still 2020. This past week has been wonderfully relaxing. I survived my beach sunburn, drove around a bit, had a few work-related calls (fingers crossed), and enjoyed a nice lazy week. I also spent a bit of time making my budget tracker spreadsheet a bit fancier with compound equations, linked sheets, and pie charts. I’ve also been looking into switching my hosting provider from FastComet to something a little cheaper. I’m currently looking into both NameCheap and DreamHost. Lastly, I’ve decided to take an Essentialism inspired approach to daily stuff. I made a list of three areas that I believe are most essential in furthering myself both professionally and personally. Then, I put three specific items that I could work on for each area/category. Starting this week, I’m going to choose one specific item to focus on each day so that my attention is undivided for the day and I don’t burn myself out trying to do all nine specific items each day.

My three essential categories and nine specific items are as follows:

  1. Programming/Development
    1. Java
    1. Kotlin
    1. C#
  2. Management/Planning
    1. People School
    1. Financials (A bit more vague, I know)
    1. World of Frosting (my fictitious world currently in progress)
  3. Creativity
    1. Drawing (Traditionally not digitally)
    1. Writing
    1. Blender

What would your three most essential categories for improving your life be? What would you put as specific things you could work on for each?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week! Also, don’t forget, the Royal Rumble is this Sunday, the 31st.


Mulan Lau


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