Hello. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. This past week has been wonderful. My puppy, Blueberry, is the best dog ever! He’s so sweet and listens so well and is just the best puppy ever. Blueberry aside, I’ve been taking advantage of having a kitchen again and cooking. I love cooking, especially for other people so I’ve made fried rice and chicken fajita pasta so far and shared with my neighbors. I’m so happy to have a kitchen. I really love my apartment and I’m so proud of myself for putting all my furniture together and just being where I am now.

New things aside, I worked on my World of Frosting a little this past week. In doing so, I learned that in order to work with Adobe Illustrator files in programs other than AI, you need to save the .ai file with the pdf compatible option enabled. I also spent a little time watching some of this year’s hard enduro race videos on youtube. There’s something so incredibly soothing in watching hard endure athletes ride through beautiful scenery while hearing the rumble of their bike engines. I highly recommend watching some hard endure if you haven’t already.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week!




P.S. I wrote this and had it all ready to be published in time for the normal Monday publish schedule, but WordPress has decided to be a big steaming poop and refuses to let me publish or save anything. I keep getting this stupid invalid JSON response error and none of the solutions I’ve found so far have worked. Hopefully, this is up by next week (August 9)…


It was a hosting side issue, but at least it’s cleared up now… Yay?…


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