Hello. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I recently got my first feature to work on for my Android developer job and going through the codebase and trying to figure out everything I need to figure out to get it done has been making my brain feel like exploding, but this is also the most fun I’ve had working there so far. I love the crazy, sometimes overwhelming, rush of knowledge involved in jumping into a project, especially a big one, and the challenge of problem-solving to create even a tiny feature.

This past week has been pretty awesome in general. I’ve started working on a personal project that I’ll be sharing shortly, I had an amazing time (as always) dancing on Friday, I went for a relatively short (3ish? Hours) road trip with my sweet Blueberry, and I’ve started watching WWE and AEW live since I have cable with my new apartment.

I also went toaster oven hunting. Did you know, it is almost impossible to find a toaster or toaster oven made in the USA? It is impossible to find one made in the US for anything less than several hundred dollars at the cheapest. And these USA-made toasters are either commercial toasters or vintage toasters. It’s almost impossible to find one not made in China as well. Here’s to hoping American manufacturers will begin to develop more appliances here in America. I would pay maybe not several hundred dollars more (depending on the appliance), but a bit more for American-made appliances that I know won’t explode on me or anything.

I closed out the weekend with a pretty good episode of Smackdown, an awesome interview of Tyler Breeze by Chris Van Vilet, and some Post Modern Jukebox. Also, I have the best puppy ever! I gave him a bath and he just stood still the whole time. No struggling or running away or anything. My Blueberry is the best.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week!


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