Big Tech. Big Government. Big (Mainstream) Media.

Any one of these things should scare you. Right now, our country is facing all three.

We have big tech, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, running our digital lives and constantly watching us via our smart devices. We have big government ruling over us and continually adding new, and often unconstitutional, ordinances and mandates (not laws) and laws that increasingly chip away at our rights and freedom. Lastly, we have big, aka mainstream, media, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, etc., working together not to report news but to write their chosen narrative and repeat it over and over until it becomes the only thing you see and hear and therefore “true”.

Together, big tech, big government, and big media are pushing socialist ideas and narratives. Leading people, one liberty relinquishing step at a time, off the edge of freedom and down into the fiery depths of communism.

The first thing everyone needs to understand about big anything is that to sustain growth, you need to be feeding off of something. The second thing you need to understand is that once something begins growing, building wealth and accumulating power, it will never willingly stop growing.

There have been several somewhat popular games that have cropped up over the years in which the player controls an object, a shark, a black hole, or a colorful blob for example, and the goal of the game is to increase the size of that object. In order to make the shark, black hole, or colorful blob grow, the player moves it around eating/absorbing other objects. It is the indiscriminate destruction of everything and anything around the player-controlled object.

As soon as anything grows large enough to be called big, big tech, big government, big media, this is what is happening around it. This is what has been happening around it. And this consumption and destruction of everything around it will continue to happen until the people it’s consuming and destroying stop it.

Eventually, big tech, big government, and big media will turn on each other in their endless desire to expand. But, while there are still smaller businesses and people who refuse to be absorbed by the “big idea” of socialist values, the black holes of big tech, big government, and big media will continue working together to consume and destroy every last one of us.

Right now, the big three, big tech, big government, and big media, are sitting at a table playing poker and discussing the benefits (for them) of a socialist and eventually communist world. But, the money they’re betting is your hard-earned money. The chips they’re playing with are your lives. The table they’re sitting at, spilling wine and leaving crumbs on, is your home, your community, and your country.

It is time to say enough is enough. Big tech, big government, and big media will NEVER limit themselves. It is up to us, to you and me, to demand some accountability and to demand the breaking up of these monopolies that have taken control of our lives.

We need to choose now, while we still can. Decide: shackle your words and your thoughts, or choose freedom?


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