Hello and Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a wonderful 2022 so far! It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been traveling a bit. So far, I’ve been to Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, and very briefly to Sarasota. It’s been lots of fun with tons of dancing and puppy cuddles.

The past few weeks have been pretty Halloween-centered. I went to several Halloween socials and dressed up as a pirate, wonder woman, and Neo from RWBY. My friend made me an awesome custom costume for Neo. She’s amazing!! I also dressed Blueberry up for Halloween as an adorable dragon. He loves costumes and dressing up so much. He’s actually in a costume contest at his daycare.

Are you dressing up for Halloween or doing anything special for the upcoming holidays?

On a more professional note, one takeaway I’ve learned over the past few months is the importance of clear, concise, documentation that’s kept up to date and how essential it is to have a document or other single location with the links to all other relevant documentation. I’ve been working on a few projects with a bunch of different parts and it’s very easy to lose track of the links to all the different sources of documentation especially as the amount of documentation grows with the project. Going forward, I will make a point of ensuring there’s a single location to find all the relevant information as well as ensuring the included documentation is kept up to date.

Lastly, my friend has recently opened a scratch and dent appliances store in Deltona, FL. I’ve been helping out there a little and seeing all the appliances is super neat. They’re all cheaper than retail because it’s scratch and dent and some don’t even have any noticeable scratches or dents. If you’re in Florida and looking for a new appliance, I definitely recommend checking them out. Here’s their website: Appliances 4 Less Deltona

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week and a happy Halloween!




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