Hello! I hope you’ve had a wonderful March. My March has been fairly eventful. I danced a lot, made new friends, and wrote a story from start to end, something I tend to have trouble with for anything longer than a one-shot. If I had to describe March in a word, it would be “full”. Full of dancing, full of friends, full of wrestling, full of work, full of family time, full of sleep and sleeping too late, and full of personal accomplishments.

Some March highlights are:

  • AEW Revolution – my favorite matches were FTR vs Mox & Claudio, Ospreay vs Takeshita, and the AEW world championship trios match
  • Lots and lots of dancing
  • Exploring one of the towns near me and making new friends there
  • Writing a complete story from start to end that was longer than a one-shot/took several sittings to complete

On the flip side, I’m still sleeping way too late and that probably contributed to my catching a cold this last week of March. I’m a bit of a night owl so I don’t like going to sleep early and then once it gets to 1ish if I’m still wide awake I usually don’t go to sleep for another hour or so. I’m still working on sleeping earlier. Any tips more specific than just doing it (I know, it’s a work in progress) are appreciated.

I’ve also learned a lot over this past month:

  • I discovered a new kpop band whose music I enjoy and whose music videos I love (think chaotic action music videos with beautiful imagery) called Ateez
  • HSAs are different from FSAs and HSAs roll over and you can withdraw money like a retirement account once you reach a certain age but you need to have a high deductible health insurance plan to open one – more info
  • Ensuring clarity of what I need to do and what is involved in doing it at the beginning of each day makes me much more efficient
  • Bacon is easy to burn
  • Setting bite sized SMART goals makes it easier for me to complete creative projects like writing e.g. write a complete story from start to end that’s 5 chapters long by writing 1 chapter a day

As I finish recovering from my cold, I’m working on getting back into being intentional with my time and energy. I am working on sleeping at a reasonable time, stretching regularly, and learning intentionally and consistently with an end result or product to showcase my learnings (I like seeing what I’ve accomplished and this helps).

It was just a typical cold, but being sick this past week has reminded me to be extremely grateful for my health. I am grateful for my health, my Honey Bee, my family, my friends, my work, my coworkers, my house, sleep, good food, and my life.

What are some of the things you’re grateful for?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and an amazing April!


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