How did I make my blog? I just did it.

I chose a template then changed my mind many times. Many many times. Finally, I settled on this one which is Wisdom Blog.

The very first thing I did was add my image to the about page and change the shape to a circle with a thin border using the custom HTML block.

I didn’t like the lack of colors though, so I changed those using the additional CSS feature in WP. I added the pink gradient and the creme background color and changed the link hover and active color to blue. I also didn’t like that the page titles were on the left so I changed the width of the title div to 70%, the same as the content section, for screens with a minimum width of 1024px. Then, I centered the title within the container.

Choosing to Host

Why did I choose to have this site hosted? Cause I wanted to.

I didn’t decide to host this site. I decided to buy and host my domain. My brand/company is Perfect Little Miss and I wanted to own my domain and be able to host my company site on it. This site is a result of having my own domain.

I wanted my site to be somewhat professional, but also very me, without the distractions of ads or a super long url. This eliminates the free WP blog on because unless you pay for a higher plan you get ads and the extension Creating this site through my hosting provider, FastComet, allows me to use WP engine which does not have ads and as I’m hosting it through my domain the url is just my domain,

What I Used