Week 4 of Visual Frameworks:

  • Using XML
  • Connecting to a locally hosted database and displaying the data as part of a tree view and a list view
  • Allowing the user to move through data records/rows by clicking on buttons

For the final project, we’re combining knowledge from this and previous classes to:

  • Create a program that gets data from a database
  • Displays it to a user in a list view
  • Places data from a list item into user fields
  • Allow the user to change the data in the fields
  • Save the updated data back to the list item and the database when the user clicks a button.

I’ve learned a lot in this class. It was neat to learn all these new things about data types, JSON and XML, and expand my C# knowledge, but I can’t wait for this class to be over. My main complaint about this month is that the instructor took weeks to return assignment feedback, making it difficult to incorporate feedback into later assignments.


Lately, I’ve been using song lyrics as inspiration for my drawings. I like taking the lyrics and drawing it with a twist. For example, I used a line from “Havana” by Camila Cabello—a kinda love song—and changed the object of love to a treasure chest in Havana.

Lyrics from: Havana by Camila Cabello

I really like using lyrics for inspiration because it gives me different scenes to work with and create in my drawings. In some of last week’s drawings, I made a background with a chibi outline and a lighter fill in the center so the chibi stands out against a really dark background.

Lyrics from: Shatter Me by Lindsay Stirling ft. Lizzy Hale



First and foremost, the King of the Ring Tournament has been a complete and utter disappointment. Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, and The Miz all out in the first round! That’s just not right. Not right! And Drew McIntyre looked so good wearing the crown and sitting on the throne. He should be King! It’s just not right. So now, the outcome of the King of the Ring Tournament can only lead to disappointment.

On a brighter note: Braun Strauman is now the majority half (the larger and better half) of the RAW Tag Team Champions. I’m also rooting for Randy Orton to smash Kofi Kingston and take his title come Clash of Champions.


I’ve started watching a Blender 2.8 tutorial series by the end of which I will have created a delicious ice cream cone complete with sprinkles. The series was created by CG Cookie, a really awesome Blender instructional channel.

As far as the changes made in Blender 2.8 go, I really like the tabs for everything at the top of the screen. It’s much easier to figure out how to find and switch to tools for various tasks such as modeling or texturing.

Ballroom Dancing

We had our dance showcase on Saturday. It went great! I had a ton of fun and I danced a lot. I only performed one dance but I did a ton of social dances. I started preparing at 2pm and stayed until 10:30pm. By the end of the night, the balls of my feet were cracked and broken, but I would have danced more if I could’ve stayed longer.

I’m starting to get better at expressing my love for dancing on my face. The whole showcase was beautiful and well done. It was obvious how much effort went into everything—costumes, routines, makeup, and decorations. The work involved in the preparation, as well as the showcase itself, only made it all the more amazing to see and be part of.

World of Frosting

I’m still working on my World of Frosting and I have planned out the basics of the education system. I’ve also decided to add more creatures to fill the world with life other than Sweetlings.

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