Week 1 of Projects Portfolio 3 & Career Module: Resume Fundamentals

I just started but it already looks like a lot of work, combining everything I learned in the programming and designing classes. I’m making Windows forms apps look like iPhone apps using a background image. This week, I’ve created an app pitch video for an app that uses an API (Application Programming Interface).

I’ve also begun assembling a UI kit library which functions as a glossary for UI kits. It organizes the types of UI elements into sections:

  • System screens
  • Navigation
  • UI components (buttons, switches, toggles, etc.)
  • And more

I’m supposed to link to the UI kit location, state the kit name, and discuss why I chose that kit which will help me find the right kit quickly for future reference.

This week’s code exercise was to build a Windows forms app allowing users to input book information to sort into two lists: read or not-read. The user can

  • move the book between lists,
  • remove books from lists, or
  • add more books.

The user can also

  • save the list to an XML file
  • Load the list from an XML file, or
  • Print the list which means saving the data, that has been formatted to be easily readable, to a TXT file

In the Resume Fundamentals class, we are learning what makes good resume design and resume basics.

Next: drafting and improving a resume


Cupcake, the main character in World of Frosting, is featuring in most of my art lately. When I draw chibis, I usually use WoF characters because they are most familiar and I don’t have to invent one from scratch. Cupcake is also the character I’m most familiar with and enjoying drawing the most. I need more practice drawing guys though because Almond’s hair is always very messy in my attempt to make him not look girly.


I should have done something in Blender this week, but I had so much homework I skipped it and went to sleep.

On the bright side, I decided to restart writing daily. I decided to choose a picture from Pixabay and use that as the inspiration for my daily short. If you’re interested, check out my first short, The Ship.

Also, big news: is my new e-commerce shop featuring digital wallpapers. The first one is Magic is All Around, in light and dark themes. The best resolution for it is 1080×1920. The wallpaper was made using Illustrator. I googled screen resolution sizes and created a simple and yet magical image whose centerpiece is clear of the phone screen’s time and date.

I will talk some more next week. Byee~