The first week and the start of the second was literal physical pain. The latter part of this second week is more mental agony than physical pain, but pain is pain. Why the two weeks of pain? The answer is simple. Wisdom teeth.

I got my wisdom teeth removed last Monday and I spent the majority of last week in various states of misery. As a result, I got very little done. Well, I got caught up on WWE and watched a couple 2015 pay per views, but not much got done work wise. Hence, the mental agony for the latter part of this week.

Fortunately, as I let my instructor know ahead of time of my devastating plans, I got an extension for homework so stuff was due on Tuesday evening rather than Sunday evening. However, as I spent the majority of the weak in a useless state of agony, I ended up doing most of my homework on Sunday and Monday. I got everything for last week done by the end of Monday though. Yay.

Onto the Technical Side (Homework)

I’m currently in the Project and Portfolio 2 class for my degree and last week happened to be Week 1 of 4 for the class. The homework for the week consisted of: analyzing a simple app of our choosing and diagramming the functionality and how the app interacted with a database in a flowchart, writing a C# program to take data from a database and convert it to JSON, writing a research paper on SQL vs NoSQL, and creating an EER diagram and database for a time tracker app which is one of our month long projects. Throughout the week, I got the flowchart done. Meaning I spent all of Sunday and Monday focusing like it was a super power and working my ass off.

After a focus marathon like that my brain told me it was going on vacation and if I was lucky I’d see it again in a day or two, so Tuesday was spent wandering about on errands and with my sister. No homework was done whatsoever. On the bright side, I stopped needing pain killers for the physical torture that is having ones wisdom teeth out.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent once again focusing and working hard on this weeks homework. So far, I’ve created a flowchart and EER diagram for a custom app I’m going to make that’s based on the app I analyzed, added to my C# program so it also reads from a database of restaurants with overall ratings and displays the rating data in various ways depending on the menu option the user chooses, and began researching BaaS. (Note: Maximizing windows, especially the SQL database one, is definitely a good thing.) I spent about 5-6 hours straight coding debugging my program trying to average ratings of 100 and average them to ratings of 5. This was using the wrong, or at least unnecessarily hard, table because I hadn’t scrolled enough to the side on the right table to see the obvious overall rating column. No one can say I wasn’t persistent, although I felt like crying when I realized how much time I could’ve saved had I noticed the column earlier.

Work – It’s not too bad

Thursday was also spent working on my stuff aka Perfect Little Miss and its various offshoots. I created and customized a WordPress site on my art subdomain for my artwork, drew the World of Frosting banner for that site, created the World of Frosting logo for the site icon, and now, at one in the morning, I’m writing a post for this site.

I feel very accomplished, and tired. Time to sleep.