This week is off to great a start and, speaking of starts, this past Sunday at 6 pm was the start of my new class, Emerging Interface Design. Now, onward to the delicious details!


I mentioned just above that this week marks the start of my next class, Emerging Interface Design. Over the course of this class, I’ll be learning about UI (user interfaces) and UX (user experience) with a mobile-first mindset. Mobile-first means that designers plan the design of a website or app with a smaller screen size in mind. This means that designers focus on the core functions that users will use most often and cut out any extra features as they would clutter a small screen and overwhelm the user.

This week, I’ve watched a bunch of videos on design and design principles and I’ve compared the computer version of a company website to the mobile version to note the differences. I still need to research a type of app (exercise, geocaching, food, car sharing, etc) and write a bit about three specific apps that fall under that category, decide how my app will be different from these other preexisting apps, create a word-map and sitemap, and sketch hi-fi examples of the app and its various screens working on multiple devices (apple watch, iPad, phone, etc).

Research “Essays”

If you’ve been reading my posts you may have noticed that in several of the past posts I’ve mentioned writing research essays, for want of a better word, for my last class, Project and Portfolio II. I have recently added a subpage under Projects that has the links to all of the research essays I’ve mentioned. They were all created with Adobe Spark so the link takes you to an Adobe Spark page.


I haven’t had much time to get too much work done, but I have worked a bit more on creating the World of Frosting. I’ve also drawn one of the plants that exists in the World of Frosting, Yssentia.

I’m currently focusing on hammering out the details (abilities, limitations, etc) of the magic system in World of Frosting. I’ve also begun to touch upon the history of the Sweetlings, the inhabitants of Frosting.


Some of you may have noticed that I tend to mention dancing in my posts. I’m a “competitive” (I compete because I can’t stand watching others dance without dancing as well) ballroom dancer and I’ve been dancing for about 3-4 years. I’ve recently been getting back into technical shape, I was focusing on improving my performing abilities for a little, and there’s something incredibly enjoyable and satisfying about the pain of a good technique lesson/practice.

It’s amazing how so many competitive and pro ballroom dancers can employ so much technique and showmanship while making dancing look effortless. When I practice my technique, at the moment five new things, I have to move so slowly just to remember everything. I have an amazing teacher though and hopefully I’ll be able to employ all this new technique at dancing speed somewhat soon.

Au Revoir

I should really brush up on the little bit of French I learned… Bye byee~