I know it’s been far too long since my last post. I apologize. These past few weeks have been busy and I confess, posting has been slipping my mind lately. The past few weeks contained the majority of my last class, Emerging Interface Design, trying new things like Zouk dancing, and working on a routine for my dance studios showcase in August. But, I don’t want to stuff all that into one paragraph, so onto the good stuff.

School (UI/UX Design)

This past class, Emerging Interface Design, has focused on teaching us the basics of UI and UX design and getting us familiar with industry software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Experience Design. Throughout the month we’ve had to research apps of a chosen type (I chose recipe apps), come up with ideas for a unique app of the chosen type, create a word map, sitemap, wireframe, style guide, and mockup for the unique app, and create a website promotion mockup for the app.

We accomplished these tasks by learning and using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Experience Design. We also added the desired interactivity to the app prototype in Experience Design.

My favorite part was creating the style guide and coming up with ideas for the app. The trickiest part was creating the logo and unifying the icons. The way I did this was by starting with a clear idea of how I wanted the app to feel, cheerful and energetic without being over the top. Then, I chose the colors that brought that feeling to life. Next, I decided on the name for the app, Drinks R You. Now it was time to begin work on the actual graphics. I started by sketching on a piece of paper what I wanted the logo and the icons to look like. After a few revisions, I worked on creating them in Illustrator. The icons especially underwent several edits and overhauls once I started placing them in the overall app design. Finally, at the end of last week, the final mockup was complete. You can view images of my progress over the month on my Drinks R You Adobe Spark Page.

Physical Stuff

I mentioned in the first paragraph that I was trying new things this past month as well and I most certainly have been!

Zouk Dancing

I was browsing Facebook events for something interesting to go to in order to expand my network both personally and professionally when I came across an event called Zouk Dancing. I love ballroom dancing and the purpose of my search on Facebook events was to try new things, so I went to the event and I LOVED it! Zouk dancing is much looser than ballroom dancing and I found it a great contrast to ballroom dancing. I really enjoy doing both and I love the difference in styles. Another bonus is that both are partner dance styles that involve leading and following, so I can practice my follow in Zouk and ballroom.

New Routine (Ballroom Dancing)

I also mentioned learning a new routine for my studios showcase. My amazing dance instructor gave me and my partner a really nice but difficult cha cha routine to learn. It’s really fun and pleasantly challenging. As a result, I’m still having a little trouble dancing it to time, but I’m practicing a lot and I really like it. It’s the perfect balance of fun and challenging.


I’ve also been playing tennis again. I used to play everyday in high school, but stopped around the time I started going to college. I really missed playing tennis and had played every so often since then, but not really consistently. This past month I’ve convinced one of my friends and old tennis partner to play with me again and we’ve been playing every week. Unfortunately, he’ll be travelling soon and tennis will be put on hold until he gets back or I can find someone else to play with.

I definitely need the practice as my technique is quite rusty and I’m certain my old coaches would wince if they saw me hit now. I’m also noticing my hand-eye coordination could use quite a bit of work. On the bright side, I’m slowly regaining my tan which I missed dearly. My dance instructor might not be so happy with the glasses line on my face though… (The downside of normally wearing glasses, but not wearing them when I perform or compete in dancing.)


I’ve been a little absent as far as drawing and stuff go as well, but I’ve recently begun to draw more often. I’ve posted a couple of drawings, one of my chibi character, Cupcake, reading in front of a window during a thunderstorm, and one of Alice and the caterpillar with a play on thyme, to my Instagram and Facebook Page. I’ve also posted a digital drawing of a chibi that was originally intended to be used as a shirt design for Darakin Studios to my social accounts.

World of Frosting

I have not forgotten about World of Frosting either. I’m currently working on the basics of the magic system and then I plan on getting out the basics for each of the kingdoms before moving on to myths and legends. Ideally the kingdom basics will be done by the end of the week as this week is my one week of summer vacation and my next class begins next Monday.

Well, that’s all for now. It’s getting far too late and I still have things to do, so I bid you all goodnight. Bonne nuit!