I’ve been a baaaad blogger. When my mom suggested I start a blog because she’d seen other programming women with blogs made connections and get job offers, I thought, “Sounds great!” I jumped right in on the part I know – website building – without keeping the bigger picture, the important ask, in mind: Why was I doing this?

I didn’t have my own reason, I just liked hers. Then school picked up and I stopped working on my blog because it was one more thing to do. When Mom offered to put me on a blogging schedule and discuss content, again, I agreed.

But I realized, for this to work, it has to come from me. Why broadcast my thoughts, my art…me? I don’t care for likes or seek others’ approval.

I care about honing my craft and expanding my skill set. Reviewing a class I just finished, writing about a programming challenge, or dishing about my World of Frosting universe will do three things: I will

  • become a better communicator
  • understand a difficult concept more thoroughly
  • show how a programmer thinks

Why care about how a programmer’s mind works?

I’m happy meeting others in my field. I don’t want more women in computing if they’re going to take away the dirty jokes, and the relaxed, kinda yucky but relentless way we do things. If you want to get more people in STEM, you need to know how our minds work and what happy STEMrs are like. I’m one example.

Watch, if you dare.

My goal is one weekly post. We both have other things to do with our time, so it will only be a few paragraphs. This week there will be two posts as I get back on blogging track.

Thanks for your attention. Try to keep yourself and your precious computer cool in this summer heat.