You may recall I am majoring in mobile app development. I recently completed the Interfaces and Usability course.


We were supposed to research topics such as persuasive design and emerging interfaces and then interview someone who was not a developer to get consumer insight. This would help students think about those topics in different ways.

The interviews were difficult because I had to direct the conversation toward something the person wasn’t familiar with.

Best Thing

I really liked the instructor’s specific, timely feedback.


I learned a lot of design principles, best practices, and the psychology behind good persuasive design. Also, ideas behind concept drafting, low fidelity stage, prototyping, high fidelity stage, revising, and what we learned from each. We covered things to know before handing off to developers – everything except programming.

I’m in my second year of mobile development. Each “year” is eight months of intense coursework, one course at a time.

The capstone project is at the end when we work with other people to produce a final product that will be available to the public.

Next: Visual Frameworks

It’s a combination of C# and UI using Windows Forms. I’m a little excited to get back to coding but I also like the design aspect.

I’ve been working on a Unity course on Udemy taught by Jonathan Weinberger, the first Unity-certified instructor, and the only official Unity instructor affiliated with Unity. He recently started a Unity study group in downtown Honolulu and it was fun meeting the different people. I can’t wait for the next get-together!