Note: I know this is incredibly late. I forgot to post it for a week. Sorry!


Week 3 of Visual Frameworks: Image list, Tab views, Tree views

Now we’re working with data objects and displaying them to the user in a visually simplistic way. We’re loading data from external sources, currently the BarChart API, and displaying the stock objects retrieved from the API in a tree view. It was fairly easy to figure out the tree view and tab view controls, so the code exercises that focused on them were pretty fun to complete. Setting up an image list was straightforward, but getting the images from the image list to display correctly within the tree view took some tweaking.

This week we’re working with data from in JSON or XML formats. We also used the file.IO namespace a bit with the projects this week to allow users to save and load data from the program.

The main focus of the week was starting to connect C# with the internet, working with APIs to access data, and learning and working with JSON and XML.


I’ve been playing around with my new Copic and Sketchbox markers lately. One thing I’ve noticed is that the alcohol-based markers have more fuzzy edges because they bleed into the paper. So, if I want sharper lines and edges, I have to use a water-based pen, like Tombow or Mozart. Lately, I’ve been trying to use a theme with my drawings because it’s easier to get an audience if you have one. I drew the head of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, a Bleach character, a chibi girl in a Ravenclaw uniform (Harry Potter universe), and a fairy (no particular universe/fandom) – going for a fantasy theme.


Local Tech Showcase

I went to a tech showcase on Saturday. The showcase was centered around culturally oriented, specifically Hawaii and Hawaiian culture, projects. It was really interesting seeing all the groups and companies and what tech stacks they used for their projects. The game-oriented companies seemed to have a better knowledge base of technology in addition to the software and languages they used.

Compared to the other groups, the game groups also had more well-rounded team members. The game companies I talked to were HICON Games and Studio Moeā. They could answer questions about multiple sides of the development process (graphic design, game design, development), in addition to their own roles. Some of the other groups didn’t have websites, but the game groups did. They also seemed to enjoy working together.

Game Development

I’m still working very slowly on Unity, following a course to build a space shooter game. The player can now move around and fire lasers. The lasers consistently move in a constant upwards direction and the laser instances delete themselves once they leave the screen. We also added a firing delay.

One of the game companies I met uses Unreal Engine, so I’m starting to learn that too.

Digital Art/Graphic Design/Animation

I heard about a really good character course for Blender on YouTube that I plan to start soon. I want to make a short, animated video of Squooshy, my green ball character. I learned about the squash and stretch principles of animation using After Effects which would be perfect for Squooshy!

World of Frosting

One of the character development worksheets I’m using has various situations for the character being developed to respond to so I’m working on that with my World of Frosting characters. I’m also figuring out the ways their personalities influence how their magic manifests most powerfully.


And in WWE, the King of the Ring Tournament is starting! I’m rooting for Drew McIntyre and The Miz.

Ballroom Dancing

Finally, my dance studio showcase is this week. There were some last-minute changes with routines and my dance partner, but it’s all working out and I’m very excited. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is putting on a ton of makeup because it makes me nauseous. However, that’s the sacrifice of performing so I’ll live.

See you next week!