The wind wrapped around the ship like an embrace. Reassurance in the face of the fast-approaching storm. Lightning lashed through the dark churning clouds and thunder could be heard clearly, each crack and howl growing louder. The wind too began to grow agitated, its embrace turning desperate. Soft tendrils of air became the sharp stinging pull of a drowning man. The sole embodiment of calm was the ocean. Its waves still gently lapping against the ship. The song of the ocean called to the ship’s inhabitants. Its pull growing stronger as the storm drew nearer. The waves spoke of sweet serenity, an everlasting peace, while the oncoming tempest promised a long and deadly fight. The squall cried of rage and brute strength whereas the water murmured enticements of tranquility and tenderness. Safe under the water, the creatures of the sea watched as the people on the ship made their choices.
Fight or flight?