A step to the left then an inch to the right. A little closer to the treeline, but not quite at the slope. There! The smallest piece of space that, if found, seemed to transform everything around it. Time seemed to stop and with it so did the elements. The wind halted, and the sun lost its fierce glare. The entire landscape appeared to be suspended, like the momentary stop before a sneeze. But, if you held that exact position, the sneeze would never come. Everything surrounding that spot stayed the same, as though the world was a movie that had been paused. The grass remained slightly bent from a frozen wind and the creatures peeking out from the forest were as still as statues, though still pliable in appearance. Within the blink of an eye, the scenery had gone from a lively, vibrant cacophony of sound and movement to a gorgeous work of art. The world remained as beautiful as ever, perhaps more so now that all was still and there was time to appreciate every tiny detail, but it was, simultaneously, a diminished world. A picturesque model of the landscape, identical in appearance but lacking the soul that breathed life into it. Just as quickly as it stopped, the smallest of shifts out of that little space and the world recommenced. The sudden return of sound and activity almost unbearable, like taking the brunt of a crashing wave. Yet with it brought this wonderfully natural feeling of peaceful relaxation that the suspended imitation of reality had been lacking.

Serenity with time, something a moment simply can’t replicate.


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