MTW 356 H. This was the right place if the shady man was to be believed. “Umm, excuse me,” I spoke softly and glanced back in the direction I had come. There was no response. I tried again, my voice rising slightly, “Err, I need a place to hide for a few hours.” A few seconds went by. I started to feel mislead when I received a reply I had only been half expecting.

“3 gallons.”

I blinked, “Yes. I have enough.”

“Go on then. Payment first.”

I hurried forward to provide the required gallons. My palms were sweaty and, by the time the transaction had been completed, the faint sound of sirens had grown much louder.

“Get in.”

I glanced around the deserted parking lot then did as instructed. Once I was securely inside, the trunk of the car swung shut and the unexpectedly roomy interior lit up. I heard the sirens blaring so piercingly they were surely right outside. I held my breath, my heart pounding in my chest. After a couple of minutes and near suffocation, the sirens began to move away. Once the sirens had faded into a dull shriek, the car spoke again, its voice echoing a little in the small space, “I will let you know when your time is up.”


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