In the largest and most cluttered room of the home was an ancient television. The television was perched on top of an old set of drawers. On top of the television sat an even older radio. Completing the balancing act, like a cherry completes a sundae, was a drooping potted plant. The interesting thing about the television was that, out of all the things in the cramped room, it was the only item with a note attached to it. On the top, left corner of the screen was a bright pink sticky note with the words “Do NOT Touch!” written in big, bold letters. Now, with a note like that, the television suddenly became impossible not to touch. What would happen if the knobs were turned or the screen poked? Would the television fall apart? Would the one who touched it be transported to another universe? Would the entire wall swing back to reveal a secret room? If the reader of the note had been closely observing the stack of objects instead of dreaming up wilder and wilder possibilities, they might have found several things odd. First, the two radio dials appeared to glint even though no light was shining on them. Second, the top edge of the set of drawers had been woven in an odd triangular pattern that didn’t match the other rounded edges of the dresser. Alas, the reader of the note, so engrossed in speculation, noticed none of this. It, therefore, came as a great surprise for the reader when upon giving in to curiosity and touching the television, the top of the dresser suddenly opened up, attached only by a back hinge. The television with everything standing on it swung up and backward, and a linen tongue shot forward pulling the unfortunate reader in. A second later and the set of drawers, the television, and everything else had returned to normal. The note on the television fluttered a little, in amusement or possibly content. Then, all was still.


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