Hello. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and an amazing Christmas. This week has been filled with delicious food, holiday board games, and, to the tune of ~a partridge on a pear tree~, ~a Santa hat on a Christmas sheep~. In the spirit of Christmas, networking, and showing my appreciation for the wonderful people in my life, I wrote a few holiday letters to some of the people who have positively influenced me. I do have a list of people I’d like to write to and will continue writing some more letters this coming week as well. I even made some holiday stationery to write on. You can download the design and use it for your own holiday letters here. I also spent an amazing Christmas surrounded by family and food.

In the spirit of Christmas, some of the things that make presents truly meaningful are:

  • Personalization. Is it something specific to the person you’re gifting it to? For example, my dad got me an Alexa Bliss t-shirt. I LOVE Alexa Bliss and I’m almost always wearing one of her shirts.
  • Significance. Does it show the person you’re gifting it to that you care? Specifically, is it something that would matter in any way to them? For example, my sister is dreadful with coming up with gift ideas. My gift to her was a great idea for a gift to our other friend and help to create that gift. This is significant to her because she wants to get our friend a gift but couldn’t come up with a good gift to give.
  • Connection. Is the gift relevant in any way to your relationship with the person you’re giving the gift to? For example, my dad and I usually watch wrestling together most weeknights, him in mostly silence and me in mostly not silence. Also, my sister and I often spend time with our friend together, and in offering to help her create the gift my sister and I would be spending more time with each other.

What’s your favorite gift from this Christmas? Does it have any of the above attributes?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful week. Also, the Christmas sheep wearing a Santa, as mentioned at the beginning of this, is below. I made it in Blender by following Grant Abbitt’s tutorial but added the Santa hat myself. I’m so proud.


Mulan Lau


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